Expand Your Reach with Shared Branching

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Let's Branch Out

Shared Cooperative Services is your gateway to CO-OP Shared Branch, a credit union owned shared network that enables participating credit unions to provide their members with transactional services through multiple delivery channels. Over 1,900 credit unions participate in the CO-OP Shared Branch network and the network is now the largest financial institution branching network with over 5,500 locations.

Shared branching enables your credit union to extend your reach and give your members the accessibility and convenience they demand. Shared branching delivers ongoing value to your credit union and your members:

  • Security: Your members have the security of in-person transactions, which is very important to certain demographics.
  • Member Retention: As members relocate across town or across the country, they can use shared branching locations in their new neighborhood or hometown.
  • Business Continuity: Your credit union faces temporary disruptions ranging from power outages to communications issues, as well as high impact events such as pandemics and natural disasters. Shared branching should be part of your business continuity solution.
  • Disaster Recovery: Shared Branching can support your credit union in times of a natural disaster by giving your members branching options and access to cash.
  • Collections: If members have moved, shared branching can make it easy for them to remain current on their loans.
  • Member Experience: Shared branching locations utilize the same operating rules and distinctive signage, delivering a consistent member experience to your members wherever they are. Product solicitation of guest members is not allowed in shared branching and locations are audited to ensure compliance with operating rules.

For more information on how your credit union can benefit from the shared branching experience, contact Shared Cooperative Services at 866.231.0545, ext. 2181 or support@myscservices.com.

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