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What is Shared Branching?

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The shared branching network includes more than 5,300 locations internationally. Your members can process basic transactions at any of the participating locations. Your members can download the shared branching app at the Apple App Store or Google Play. They can also access the online locator map at

Your members will be able to conduct a range of transactions, such as:

  • Cash or Check Deposits to Share or Share Draft Accounts
  • Cash or Check Withdrawals from Share or Share Draft Accounts
  • Cash Recognized Payroll Checks (Check Will Be Deposited in Full and Then Funds Withdrawn)
  • Transfers Between Accounts
  • Loan Payments

The following services cannot be provided at shared branching locations:

  • Accounts Cannot be Opened or Closed
  • Non-Members Cannot Cash Checks Drawn on Participating Credit Union Members Accounts
  • Specially Titled Accounts or Accounts with Restrictive Ownership are Not Accessible Through Shared Branching

For more details on shared branching services, please refer to the CO-OP Shared Branch Operating Rules and Regulations, Version 2.4, June 4, 2021 or contact Shared Cooperative Services at 866.231.0545, ext. 2131 or 2181.

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